The Video Studio

Featuring a full lighting grid with a variety of lighting options, cameras and backdrops our video studio is the ideal space for your next visual project. Whether you're doing an interview, podcast, music video or live stream we have you covered. Available as dry hire (with lights) or full hire (with multi camera setup) the choice is entirely yours.

Live stream a multi cam feed from our production switcher to facebook, youtube or any other service provider. Shoot a music video in a controlled lighting environment. Shoot on green screen with live chroma keying or record a live music performance or podcast. It's all possible at Amp.

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Designed for shooting visual content

Featuring a full grid and a variety of different pro lighting and backdrops, the video room is a perfect blank canvas for your visual project. Our team can also build custom sets to your specific requirements.

Multi camera production

Our black magic studio cameras shoot in high definition 4K and 6K raw so you can expect the highest quality of visual output. We have a variety of lenses to choose from and any equipment we don't have can be acquired from our partner hire company.

Live switching and broadcast

Our studio cameras connect to a production switcher in studio A, allowing full live production of visual content. Communicate from Studio A with production crew using wireless comms headsets, or talk to your host on set through an ifb earpiece live on air. Send visuals to a screen on set or autocue. Get in touch now to talk to us about your production requirements

Premium acoustics

As with all our studios the video room features the best custom designed acoustic not usually found in shooting spaces. Treated using a combination of broadband cloud panels and reflective slot resonators the room is the perfect for both music recording/shooting as well as podcasts and interviews.



  • Godox SL25 LED
  • Nanlite Pavotube
  • Softboxes
  • Panels
  • LED Parcans


  • Black Magic Designs Studio Camera 4k Pro
  • Black Magic Designs Pocket cinema camera 6k Pro
  • Black Magic Designs Pocket cinema camera 4k Pro


  • Canon 50mm 1.8 (nifty fifty)
  • Rokinon Cinema DS 24mm
  • Olympus Zeiko Zoom

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The video room can accommodate upto 15 people.
Our general opening hours are mon – sat 9-6pm, but we can also accommodate weekend and evening shoots by appointment.
The room hire comes with all lighting and backdrops. We also offer full studio hire which includes all cameras/lenses. Get in touch now to tell us about your production requirements.

Explore our London Locations

At Ampafrica, we know that the artistic journey can be lonely, daunting and relentless, which is why we’re purposeful about providing our members with the right space, community and culture to create their best work.


Our flagship West London site, featuring over 40 purpose-built studios, a community of over 300 Members and home to our iconic Studio A recording studio.


Based in Wood Wharf, our newest Qube is home to 24 purpose-built studios, from production to video editing to Dolby Atmos, as well as a private member’s bar and lounge.

Other studios

Bring your friends. Record your set. Capture the perfect mix. Livestream or film your session.
Make some noise. Get gig-ready with your band.
Stream, film and record your next podcast series.

Amp Creative

Our production team can handle projects ranging from Music and mixing to voiceover, advertising, copywriting and scripting, TVCs, Documentary, post production mixing, editing and colour grading, podcasts and any type of visual content.

Amp Academy

We run customised training programmes in audio and visual production in partnership with corporates and schools.
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